Solutions Overview


Connectivity Solutions

US Conec designs and manufactures optimal connectors for fiber optic demarcation points in data centers, central offices, MSOs and PON distribution networks.

Tx/Rx to Tx/Rx solutions in data center structured cabling include:

  • MT ferrule ferrule design/manufacture
  • MTP® brand MPO connectors
  • MTP® PRO field configurable connectors
  • LC and SC single fiber connectors
  • Adapters
  • Next generation connectors
  • Tx/Rx interfaces

On-Board Optics / OE Solutions

US Conec is dedicated to driving the next generation of optical links OE conversion happens closer to the switching, compute, and memory function.

  • Card to card interconnect
  • MXC front plane
  • MXC back plane
  • PRIZM MT design and manufacturing
  • PLT coupling for VCSEL links
  • Singlemode PRIZM LightTurn for SiPh coupling

Process Training and Support Infrastructure

US Conec develops and manufactures novel tools and accessories to support termination, testing, and inspection of our products. Formalized training and certification is available to ensure proper usage of US Conec tools and consumables for quality output and maximum yield.


Field Solutions

US Conec offers product configurability and cleaning solutions in the field or in a factory environment. These high performing solutions are designed to provide ease of use for a reliable network.

Innovation Design & Development

US Conec actively takes part in standardized bodies and promotes development of new connectivity technologies to enable future high speed links. Continuous research and development, involvement in industry standards, and an understanding of market trends and key influencers enable US Conec to be the forefront of optical connectivity design and development.