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The following registered trademarks of US Conec Ltd. and its subsidiaries appear throughout this site: MTP®, MTP® PRO, MT Elite®, MTP Elite®, MTP®-16, MXC®, PRIZM®, LightTurn®, PRIZM® MT, ELiMENT®, IBC™, Eliminator™, DirectConec™ and Fast-Track™.

We welcome customers using US Conec trademarks in their product information. Please send a sample of your intended use for approval to our Customer Service Department. Below are acceptable uses according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Acceptable Use of US Conec Trademarks

US Conec Trademarks (list may not be complete and may be modified without notice)

Trademark Required Notice Region
MTP® ® USA, EU, Others
MTP® PRO ® USA, EU, Others
MT Elite® ® USA
MTP Elite® ® USA
MTP®-16 ® USA, EU, Others
LightTurn® ® USA, EU
IBC™ USA, EU, Others
Eliminator™ USA
DirectConec™ USA
Fast-Track™ USA

1. Always use the trademark notice and acknowledge US Conec as the owner of the mark.

A trademark notice should follow the mark.

The registration notice ® or REG. U.S. PAT. & TM. OFF. should be used when a mark has been federally registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for that specific product. If the mark has not been federally registered for any products or for that specific product, then use the letters ™ for the trademark notice.

Frequently in publications and product catalogs the ® or ™ notice is dropped from supplier submissions. To protect the mark in these media, use “brand” after the mark, e.g. MTP brand connector.

An example using trademarks in an online catalog page is shown at the bottom of this section.

  • Correct: MTP® connector
  • Correct: MTP®brand connector
  • Correct: MTP brand connector (for articles that drop trademarks)
  • Wrong: MTP connector
  • Wrong: MTP/MPO

To acknowledge ownership of the mark, an easy guideline is to identify US Conec as the owner of the mark, e.g. “MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd” on the first page that the mark is used.

2. Use the trademark as an adjective – NOT as a noun.

A trademark should only be used as an adjective.

  • Correct: Buy MTP® MPO-style connectors
  • Correct: Buy MTP brand MPO-style connectors
  • Wrong: Plug and play works best with the MTP.
  • Correct: Use US Conec’s MTP® connectors
  • Correct: Use US Conec’s MTP brand connectors
  • Wrong: Use the MTP/MPO

A good test for proper usage is if you can delete the mark from the sentence and the sentence still makes sense.

Trademarks should NOT be used as common adjectives or as a type of connector.

  • Correct: The break out panel made with MTP brand connectors can be readily installed.
  • Wrong: The MTP-based break out panel can be readily installed.

3. Never use the mark in the possessive or as a plural.

Since trademarks are NOT nouns, they can NEVER be used in the possessive.

  • Correct: The low loss of MTP brand connectors
  • Wrong: MTP’s low loss

Since trademarks are NOT nouns, they can NEVER be used in the plural form.

  • Correct: The panel uses MTP® connectors
  • Wrong:The panel uses some MTPs
  • Correct: The module has two MTP brand connectors.
  • Wrong:The module has two MTPs.

4. Use mark on or in connection with the approved product.

Example: Use the MTP trademark only for the US Conec fiber optic connector family of products for which it was registered.

  • Correct: product description: Plug and Play cassette with MTP® connectors, or Plug and Play cassette with MTP® adapters
  • Wrong: product description: Plug and Play with MTP cassettes, or Plug and Play with MTP cable

5. Font size and Type face

Font size should be the same or larger than surrounding related words.

Preferred Type is Arial, either regular or bold face.

Use upper and lower case letters as shown for each trademark in the chart above.

The generic product name must not be capitalized.

  • Correct: MTP brand connector
  • Correct: MTP® connector
  • Wrong: mtp brand connector
  • Wrong: MTP Connector

6. Never vary the mark.

Do not change the spelling, proper type form, add or delete terms from the trademark, abbreviate the mark, or change the design.

  • Wrong: MTP/MPO connectors
  • Wrong: MTP/MPO brand Connector

Example Website Page: Click here to see an example website catalog page in the appropriate format


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