DirectConec Push-Pull System 

DirectConec™ Push-Pull Connectors

Insertion and extraction of DirectConec™ optical connectors occur with a simple push or pull on a flexible and robust strain relief boot providing the highest functional density in the most dense fiber cabling environments. US Conec’s novel insertion and extraction system is now available across multiple connector platforms including MTP® PRO connectors, MTP® and MTP®-16 connectors, ELiMENT® Duplex LC Uniboot connectors, very small form factor MDC duplex connectors, and MMC multi-fiber connectors.



  • Effortless insertion and extraction while accessing the strain relief boot

  • Simple functional access in high fiber count areas for increased usable density

  • Supports full Telcordia, TIA and IEC mechanical loading and durability requirements

  • Compatible with all US Conec industry leading optical performance grade connectors



DirectConec™ Handout