Optical Connectivity Solutions

MTP PRO Connector

Connector Packages

US Conec designs and manufactures a full suite of industry leading connector embodiment packages based on standardized and custom optical interconnect ferrules.  US Conec’s proven connector solutions are designed to exceed industry standard requirements ensuring reliable fiber optic cabling infrastructure through multiple generations of transceiver optics.  A commitment to provide only fully vetted, qualified, field serviceable  designs ensures that deployment of US Conec optical connectivity solutions will result in pain free network ownership. 

Full link optical connector solutions include:

  • MTP® brand MPO connectors
  • MTP® PRO field configurable connectors
  • MDC: ELiMENT® brand Very Small Form Factor (VSFF)
  • ELiMENT® brand LC and SC single fiber connectors
  • PRIZM®LightTurn® On Board Optic connectors
  • Tx/Rx interface connectors/sockets
MXC Connector

Precision Optical Components

At the heart of every fiber to fiber and fiber to device interconnect is a precision optical interconnect component.  US Conec is dedicated to driving the next generation of optical links from source to detector by utilizing state of the art precision component design, metrology and manufacturing to produce low loss, cost effective ferrules and optical components optimized with the entire link in mind.  Sub-micron component modeling, design, production, measurement and testing are at the heart of US Conec’s engineering focused approach to solving real world communication problems every day. 

Precision optical interconnect solutions include:

  • Low-loss, MT Elite® multi-fiber ferrules
  • PRIZM® MT lensed based ferrules
  • PRIZM® LightTurn® ferrules for various fiber optic coupling applications
  • Lensed based precision components for active device receptacles optimized for coupling to and from US Conec’s fiber optic ferrule and connector designs
  • Full link optical modeling ensuring the right optical components are selected for performance and cost optimization

Technical Industry Leadership

US Conec actively takes part in standardized bodies and promotes development of new connectivity technologies to enable future high speed links. Continuous research and development, involvement in industry standards, and an understanding of market trends and key influencers enable US Conec to be the forefront of optical connectivity design and development.