MMC Connector

MMC Connector

The revolutionary MMC connector ushers in a new era of high density, low insertion loss connectivity by combining a new, reduced size, MT-style ferrule (TMT) with a novel very small form factor (VSFF) connector embodiment. Employing DirectConec™ push-pull technology, the MMC connector enables the highest functional fiber density available in the market. Simplified gender and polarity management greatly reduces the complexity associated with MPO cabling infrastructure. MMC connectivity enables solutions that minimize the space required across multiple applications, including structured cabling, high fiber count data center interconnects, transceivers and on-board optics.


Top & Bottom Rail

Top & Bottom rail features ensure connector is installed in correct polarity orientation

TMT Ferrule Format

The TMT ferrule format is compliant with the IEC 61755 and 61754 precision alignment structure for MT and MT-16 Ferrules. 250µm pitch fiber holes enable use with standard 250µm OD SM and MM fibers in addition to smaller OD fibers including 200µm and 165µm.

Angled End Face Mating

MMC solutions enable Low Loss, IEC Grade B insertion loss performance and are APC for superior return loss

High Density Applications

DirectConec™ Push-Pull Boot for high density applications

Ferrule Keys

Ferrule keyed to Housing for error-free assembly

Long Engagement Length

Long engagement length of precision features ensures mated ferrule stability, allowing a single latch design for minimizing debris & maintaining industry standard 250um pitch optical interface



MMC Brochure



MMC Connector: High Density Connectivity Revolution Unfolds

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