MMC Connector

MMC Connector

The revolutionary MMC connector ushers in a new era of high density, low insertion loss connectivity by combining a new, reduced size, 16 fiber, MT-style ferrule (TMT) with the Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) MDC duplex connector embodiment. Employing DirectConec™ technology, the MMC connector insertion and extraction occurs with a simple push or pull on a flexible yet robust strain relief boot providing the highest functional fiber connector density available in the market today. The smaller TMT ferrule uses the proven, guide pin, guide pin pitch, fiber pitch and alignment structure associated with  MTP®-16 connectors. 



  • IEC Grade B insertion loss and return loss performance
  • Single-mode APC
  • Multi-mode APC
  • Intermateable with standard 16 fiber MT alignment structure
  • Standard 250 micron fiber pitch compatible with off the shelf fiber and cabling technology
  • Tighter fiber pitches for future fiber designs can further increase density
  • Designed for Cable to Cable and Cable to Module/Equipment applications
  • Supports ganged insertion applications
  • TMT Ferrule and MMC Connector engineered to support industry standard mechanical requirements including >500 mating cycles



MMC Handout



MMC Connector: High Density Connectivity Revolution Unfolds

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