Fast-Track™ MTP® Connector Solutions

Fast-Track™ MTP®

US Conec's Fast-Track™ MTP® connector system is an innovative addition to the proven MTP® product portfolio for high fiber count, pre-engineered cabling applications. Fast-Track™ MTP® connectors offer an ultra-compact, MTP® compatible fiber termination solution to enable pre-terminated assemblies for rapid field installation in congested pathways or conduit previously intended for splicing of bulk cable. Each miniature Fast-Track™ MTP® connector is factory verified for polarity management and MT Elite® insertion loss performance for optimal deployment speed in pre-terminated data center inter and intra connect applications.

Fast-Track™ MTP®


  • SM MTP Elite® insertion loss performance (0.25dB 97% random intermate)
  • Ultra-compact pre-terminated plug
  • Rapid deployment of pre-engineered solution by eliminating field processing
  • GR-1435 compliant
  • Supports MT and MT-16
  • 10N and 20N MPO spring force applications
  • Compatible with 250, 200 and 165 micron optical fibers
  • Intermateable with standard MPO and MPO-16 cabling


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