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    Optical Connectivity Solutions

    US Conec designs and manufactures a full suite of industry leading connector embodiment packages based on standardized and custom optical interconnect ferrules.  US Conec’s proven connector solutions are designed to exceed industry standard requirements ensuring reliable fiber optic cabling infrastructure through multiple generations of transceiver optics. 

  • Process Training and Support

    Process Training and Support Infrastructure

    US Conec is dedicated to ensuring that products are accompanied by a full suite of processes from fiber prep to final test including all documentation, fixtures, equipment, tooling, epoxy and ongoing support from a highly experienced applications engineering team of professionals.  

  • Field Solutions

    Field Solutions

    US Conec designs robust connectivity solutions with ease of use in the field as a primary objective. A complete family of all necessary supplemental field cleaning and support tools are readily available to ensure successful deployments of US Conec’s proven Connectivity Solutions.


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