Field Solutions

MTP PRO Field Solutions

US Conec designs robust connectivity solutions with ease of use in the field as a primary objective.  From accessibility to reliable reconfigurability to simple identification systems, US Conec’s connector products are preferred by installers and networks owners.  In addition, a complete family of all necessary supplemental field cleaning and support tools are readily available to ensure successful deployments of US Conec’s proven Connectivity Solutions.

Field Support Products Include:

  • IBC™ brand field and factory connector cleaning tools
  • IBC™ brand Eliminator cleaning solvent
  • Optipop Brand optical connector cleaning tools
  • MTP® PRO Field configuring tools
  • Connector assembly, disassembly tools for ferrule access and polarity

Technical Industry Leadership

US Conec actively takes part in standardized bodies and promotes development of new connectivity technologies to enable future high speed links. Continuous research and development, involvement in industry standards, and an understanding of market trends and key influencers enable US Conec to be the forefront of optical connectivity design and development. Use of US Conec field support tools and procedures ensure that assemblies made with US Conec connectivity products and processes will be compliant with end user workmanship requirements.