Process Training and Support Infrastructure


Precision optical connector components are only as good as the processes required to terminate, test and QC in production environments.  US Conec is dedicated to ensuring that products are accompanied by a full suite of processes from fiber prep to final test including all documentation, fixtures, equipment, tooling, epoxy and ongoing support from a highly experienced applications engineering team of professionals.  US Conec partners with industry tools and equipment suppliers for standard equipment.  For specialty support items, US Conec designs and manufactures a family of tools and equipment.

Formal training and certification programs are readily available to ensure proper installation of US Conec’s connectivity components with high manufacturing yields ensuring a robust fiber optic cabling supply chain.

  • Formal Training
  • Applications Engineering Notes
  • Termination Tools and Consumable products
  • Product Evaluations
  • On site termination audits
  • Formal certification

Technical Industry Leadership

US Conec actively takes part in standardized bodies and promotes development of new connectivity technologies to enable future high speed links. Continuous research and development, involvement in industry standards, and an understanding of market trends and key influencers enable US Conec to be the forefront of optical connectivity design and development. US Conec ensures that all processes, equipment and procedures are designed to produce products which exceed industry standardized requirements.