MTP® Enhanced Performance Connector Components

MTP® Enhanced Performance Connector Components

The MTP® Enhanced Performance connector components are capable of withstanding the stringent performance requirements for Carrier Grade, Mil/Aero, and harsh environment applications beyond TIA-568.3 and GR-1435 controlled environment conditions.

These precision engineered components use state of the art materials to survive severely aggressive environments such as Salt Spray, Airborne Contaminants, Dust, and Ground Water Immersion.

The housing assembly material and spring push design were engineered to use advanced injection molding techniques to assure the maximum strength during extreme mechanical loads and the non-magnetic guide pin material was chosen to control the optical performance through environmental exposure.

MTP® Enhanced Performance Connector Components


  • Environmental Exposure

    MTP® Enhanced Performance guide pins, spring push, crimp bands, and boots pass GR-1435-CORE, Issue 2, Exposure Testing
  • Temperature Extremes

    MTP® Enhanced Performance guide pins control SM IL change to ≤0.30dB during -40 to +75 degrees C temperature extremes
  • Mechanical Strength

    MTP® Enhanced Performance spring push and housing assembly have increased strength for rigid cables and direct pulling grip attachment

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