IBC™ Brand MMC Cleaner

MMC Cleaner

US Conec’s revolutionary MMC connector has taken Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) connectors to the next level of optical connector density. As companies transition their optical networks to MMC optical connectors, endusers, installers and cable assembly manufacturers will need a quick and robust method to clean the MMC connectors on cable assemblies and behind bulkhead adapters.

Ordinary MPO cleaners will not be able to access the connectors behind the bulkhead adapter due to the reduced MMC adapter port size and the smaller pitch between the MMC connectors. The US Conec IBC™ Brand MMC Cleaner uses the same superior, high quality cleaning cloth as all IBC™ Brand cleaners, while incorporating a new nozzle and tip to access individual behind the wall connectors, and leaving adjacent MMC connectors undisturbed.


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