IBC™ Brand Eliminator™ Cleaning Fluid

Eliminator Cleaning Fluid Image

US Conec’s IBC™ Brand Eliminator™ Cleaning Fluid is designed specifically for fiber optic connector endface cleaning. It is a non-flammable, low odor cleaning fluid that helps to dissolve the stubborn debris found on some optical connector endfaces. The fluid also eliminates static-born debris common in dry environments. 

Eliminator™ Cleaning Fluid is easy to apply and quick to dry, leaving no residue like alcohol and other similar cleaners. The cleaning fluid does not have a shelf life and is safe for any shipping method, including air transportation. Eliminator™ Cleaning Fluid can also be used for cleaning fibers in preparation for fusion splicing or other connectorization applications.



  • Breaks up hard to remove debris
  • Fast evaporating
  • Minimal solvent residue
  • Compliant with air shipping requirements
  • Eliminates static charge in dry environments
  • 650+ applications per 3.0 oz can