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1x16 Multimode APC MT Elite® Ferrule

1x16 Multimode APC MT Elite® Ferrule Technology

October 19, 2020

US Conec, a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects, announces the release of 16 fiber multimode MT Elite® ferrules optimized for angled physical contact (APC). The new MT-16 ferrule is developed to support next generation high speed link applications using transmission protocols, which require enhanced return loss performance.

MDC Connector

3X Density Boost with New MDC Connector

February 28, 2019

US Conec, a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects, unveils a revolutionary new duplex optical connector solution: the MDC connector. This state-of-the-art connector design ushers in a new era in two fiber connectivity by bringing unmatched density, simple insertion/extraction, field configurability and optimal carrier grade performance to the ELiMENT brand single fiber connector portfolio.

EZ Shuffle Images

US Conec Introduces EZ Shuffle™ Solution for High Density Fiber Management

October 17, 2018

US Conec, a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects, expands its product offering and capabilities with the release of the EZ Shuffle™ Fiber Management Solution. This new product is engineered to aid fiber management in high density applications by offering a unique, compact, and cost effective way to manufacture and store high density fiber shuffles.

ELiMENT Duplex LC Uniboot Image

New ELiMENT™ Duplex LC Uniboot Connector Offers Highly Engineered Process and Ease of Installation

September 24, 2018

US Conec, a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects, announces the newest addition to the ELiMENT™ single fiber connector product line—the ELiMENT™ Duplex LC Uniboot. Building on the high-performance SC and LC ELiMENT™ product offering, the ELiMENT™ Duplex LC Uniboot connector is a low profile, stackable design that provides a user friendly, reliable solution that is optimized for simple factory installation.

PRIZM LightTurn MOI for 25+ Gbps

Next Generation PRIZM® LightTurn® Mechanical-Optical Interface for 25+ Gbps

January 30, 2017

US Conec announces the commercial release of the next generation PRIZM® LightTurn® mechanical-optical interface (MOI) optimized for 25+ Gbps VCSEL based links. Used in embedded module applications, the MOI is designed for efficient coupling between on-board active components and US Conec’s PRIZM® LightTurn® connector, which utilizes expanded beam lensed ferrule technology. 

MTP-16 Connector and Adapters

New MTP-16™ Connector Supports 400G Applications

September 25, 2015

US Conec will unveil the new MTP-16™ multi-fiber optical connector at the 2015 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Valencia, Spain. The MTP-16™ connector offers the highest density physical contact for multi-fiber connector format on the market today. 

MTP 900 Micron Connector Image

MTP® Meets 900 Micron With Ease

February 10, 2015

US Conec announces the release of the new 900 micron MTP® connector solution, supporting direct coupling to 900 micron loose or tight buffered fibers. Combining novel transition components with US Conec’s MTP® brand connector, the 900 micron MTP® kit delivers reliable termination, ensuring ample fiber movement and superior cable management. The transition components can also be used independently from the connector, resulting in an ultra-compact ribbon fiber to a 900 micron breakout kit for factory or field installation.

Pre-Angled MT Ferrule and Connector Image

New Singlemode Pre-Angled MT Ferrule Delivers Faster Process Time and Enhanced Performance

June 18, 2014

US Conec announces the immediate availability of singlemode pre-angled thermoplastic MT ferrules. The unique pre-angled design eliminates a polishing fixture, minimizing the polishing time during the production process, all while improving the overall performance of the MT ferrule. Available in 12 and 24 fiber counts, the singlemode, pre-angled MT ferrules are compatible with MTP® brand MPO connector components and are fully compliant with IEC 61754-5 and IEC 61754-7 standards.

MXC Connector Image

MXC® Multi-Fiber Optical Interconnect Platform

March 4, 2014

US Conec announces that the general market availability of the MXC® multi-fiber connector will coincide with OFC/NFOEC 2014 beginning next week. Compared to existing optical connector solutions, the unique plug and receptacle design provides increased density, lower cost, and fewer components making it ideal for new equipment card edge requirements driven by implementation of embedded, mid-board optics modules. PCB space consumption on the inside of the equipment is minimized by combining the traditional adapter and on-card plug into one simple, condensed, single piece housing.


PRIZM® MT Lensed Multi-fiber Ferrules

February 2014

US Conec has begun shipping its newly developed PRIZM® MT ferrule, a collimated beam, lensed MT style interconnect component. The PRIZM® MT ferrule extends the PRIZM® LightTurn® ferrule benefits of expanded beam Tx/Rx interface by taking multi-fiber lensed connectors to the equipment card-edge. 

MPO II Cleaner

US Conec Releases the Next Generation MPO II Multi-fiber Cleaning Tool

October 1, 2013

US Conec, Ltd announces the newest generation of the IBC Brand optical fiber cleaning tools with the MPO II for cleaning MTP® and generic MPO connectors. The MPO II uses a natural pushing motion for engagement and gives an audible “click” to alert the operator when the tool is fully engaged. The spring loaded tip ensures the optimal compression range providing flawless contact to end face of MT ferrules. The nozzle is keyed for precise alignment of the cleaning tip to the fiber. The MPO II cleaner has a life of at least 525 engagements and locks at the end of the tool’s life to prevent accidental cross contamination. The advanced push style cleaner is quick and efficient at removing contaminants and helps keep your network infrastructure running clean.



The NEOCLEAN-PZ is a cassette style fiber optic cleaning system design specifically for the PRIZM® LightTurn® connector. This refillable cassette cleaner uses a micro-fiber fabric to remove harmful contaminates off of the ferrule end face. The anti-static cleaning material usied in the cassette produces a pristine optical window and minimizes contaminant attraction. The cleaning material is pre-washed making it excellent for use in any production environment, including clean rooms. The NEOCLEAN-PZ cassette cleaning tool will accommodate both bare ribbon and jacketed PRIZM® LightTurn® cable assemblies.

24F MTP Connector

24F & 16F Multimode MTP Elite® Connectors: New, highest precision, two-row, multimode MT ferrules ensures lowest available insertion loss interconnect solutions for 100G+ parallel optic links.

August 2011

The development of 100G+ high speed parallel optic multimode links utilizing 24 lanes is driving stringent link attenuation budgets into multi-row MTP® connectivity. To meet this need, US Conec has now released a low-loss, 24 fiber multimode MT Elite® ferrule along with MTP® connector hardware optimized for ensuring fiber to fiber physical contact between the mated pairs. The new, higher spring force connector hardware is designed in accordance with the emerging multi-row IEC MPO intermateability standard, 61754-7-2.

M250 Cleaner

US Conec Releases the Next Generation 2.5mm Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Tool

US Conec announces the immediate availability of the IBC™ Brand Cleaner M250 for 2.5mm ferrule fiber optic connectors featuring the largest cleaning region commercially available. The M250 tool cleans SC, ST, FC and E2000 connectors and most hardened 2.5mm connectors used in harsh environment applications including the MIL DTL 83526.

MTP Connector Uncontrolled Environment

New, Enhanced MTP® Brand Connector Components for Uncontrolled Environments

November 2010

US Conec Ltd. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of new MTP® brand connector components designed for FTTx and other environmentally demanding applications. The new connector design has been fully qualified with PPS, low-loss, IEC grade B compliant single-mode MT Elite® ferrules according to the Objectives (O) of Telcordia GR-1435 issue II.

IBC Brand M20 Cleaner

IBC™ Brand Cleaner M20 for SMPTE 304M and other 2.0mm Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning

The IBC™ Brand Cleaner M20 specifically designed for 2.0mm ferrule based connectors including the SMPTE 304M. This mechanical cleaning tool uses a dry cleaning strand to remove dust and liquid residues off the fiber optic termini in the SMPTE 304M and other 2.0mm ferrule connectors. The cleaning tip is able to reach the recessed ferrules and eliminates the need to remove the connector sleeve for cleaning.

Pre-Angled SM Ferrule Image

Pre-angled SM Ferrules

US Conec's single-mode ferrules are now offered with a molded, pre-angled 8° endface. This product enhancement reduces polishing steps, consumables, and the need for multiple polishing fixtures during the manufacture of single-mode cable assemblies which directly reduces the operational cost of the end product. The pre-angled ferrules continue to meet or exceed all relevant industry standards and requirements.

2.0mm OD MTP Connector Image

2.0mm OD MTP® Connector Components

While bandwidth consumption continues to grow, there is an ever increasing requirement for smaller cabling and associated components. Multiple global cable makers have introduced 2.0mm OD12-fiber cable. In keeping with the demand for continued miniaturization, US Conec has developed MTP® connector components for use with this cable size.

900 Micron MTP

900 Micron (μm) MTP® Connector

MTP® connectors are used extensively in a variety of fanout configurations in data center and telecom applications. US Conec’s new 900 micron (μm) connector components compactly and elegantly manage the 900 micron tubing as it exits the connector. The new connector components can terminate directly to tight buffered fiber for the most rugged possible assembly. In addition, the MTP® 900 micron solution can terminate to ribbon furcated into the connector hardware which has been pre-assembled with 900 micron loose tubing.

Loopback Casing

Loopback Casing for MTP® Connectors

Loopbacks are used to test optical links by “looping back” the connections from the Tx (transmit) signals to the Rx (receive) signals. US Conec’s compact loopback casing, used with other MTP® components, offers an ideal solution for interfacing to QSFP or CXP modules, or card-edge MTP® connectors connected to high-bandwidth embedded modules. The miniature design allows side-by-side mounting in dense board applications and compact spaces. The novel push-pull design allows for the casing handle to be used to insert and extract the loopback from the module or adapter port.

MTP Fiber Holders

MTP® Cable Assembly Termination Tools

US Conec has released a family of low-cost array fiber holders designed specifically to aid in the process of terminating MTP® brand multi fiber connectors. Historically, ribbon holders designed for bare ribbon splicing have been used for the stripping and cleaving process of multi-fiber ribbon in preparation for termination to MT ferrule based connectors. US Conec’s new family of array fiber holders facilitate more efficient MTP® cable termination to a variety of ribbon and loose fiber cable types, sizes, and fiber counts. Select models have a ribbonizing die built into the clip eliminating the need for a separate ribbonization process for loose fiber cables.