Secure Keyed MTP® Solutions

US Conec’s MTP® Brand Keyed Connectors offer the ability to physically control connections of multifiber trunk and patching cable assemblies through the use of color coded and uniquely keyed connector housings and adapters.

The US Conec MTP® Brand Keyed Connectors give the data network manager the ability to improve network reliability by eliminating the possibility of misaligned interconnections.

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Secure Keyed MTP® Solutions Product Sheet


  • For use with Conec® multimode, standard single-mode, and MT Elite® low-loss single-mode MT ferrules
  • Will only mate with MTP® Brand Keyed connectors and adapters that have the same key
  • Color code specific key for each notch
  • Meets requirements of IEC 61754-7 and TIA 604-5 Type MPO
  • Available in fiber counts 4 through 72 fibers
  • Compatible with bare ribbon and most oval or round cabling constructions
  • Connectors and adapters in red, blue, yellow, and green keying schemes are available as stock items**

** Additional keying schemes available

  • Makes routing and identification of assemblies easy
  • Reduces network downtime by preventing misaligned patching
  • Prevents unauthorized connections in multiple access locations
  • Superior mechanical and optical performance that comes only from the MTP® Brand Keyed Connectors
  • High density interconnects in large volume traffic areas that are accessed by multiple people
  • Centralized interconnect zones with trunk cable assemblies where multiple protocols exist
  • Physical layer routing of secure or dedicated fiber lines
  • Common transition points for trunk cable assemblies that fan out to multiple processes

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