MTP® Accessories

MTP® Accessories


Part Number: 7721




The US Conec MT ferrule cap is designed from an anti-static, non-outgassing, engineering thermoplastic. The unique geometry of the cap provides for a non-debris generating true dust seal around the polished fiber tips on both male and female MT ferrules. The cap can be used on a stand-alone ferrule assembly or in conjunction with US Conec MTP® brand connector hardware.


Part Number: 12896




The Push-Pull Tabs greatly simplify the use of MPO connectivity when manual access to the release slider and rear portion of the connector is restricted. This novel accessory for the expanding MTP® brand product family enables easy insertion and extraction of MTP® brand plugs in dense applications by providing a flexible extension tab which can be used to extract as well as insert the plug into the adapter port.

The MTP® brand Push-Pull Tab is compatible with all round MTP® brand connector hardware versions including the 3.0mm round, the 3.6mm round, and the soon to be released 4.3mm – 5.7mm round MTP® connector hardware. It can be installed in the factory or in the field after cable assemblies are produced.


Part Number: 13357




The MTP® Loopback Casing utilizes the novel MTP® Push-Pull Tab mechanism to provide for a simple, elegant method to encapsulate optical fibers in loopback test assemblies. The interaction of this accessory with standard US Conec MTP® connector hardware greatly simplifies use of the loopback assembly by eliminating the need to manually access the release slider during extraction from an MTP® port.




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