MTP® Accessories

MTP® Accessories


Part Number: 7721




The US Conec MT ferrule cap is designed from an anti-static, non-outgassing, engineering thermoplastic. The unique geometry of the cap provides for a non-debris generating true dust seal around the polished fiber tips on both male and female MT ferrules. The cap can be used on a stand-alone ferrule assembly or in conjunction with US Conec MTP® brand connector hardware.

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Part Number: 13357




The MTP® Loopback Casing utilizes the novel MTP® Push-Pull Tab mechanism to provide for a simple, elegant method to encapsulate optical fibers in loopback test assemblies. The interaction of this accessory with standard US Conec MTP® connector hardware greatly simplifies use of the loopback assembly by eliminating the need to manually access the release slider during extraction from an MTP® port.




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