The cassette style cleaner systems use densely woven micro-fiber cleaning fabrics to remove harmful contaminates of of the ferrule end face. These cassettes can be refilled to reduce cleaning costs and accommodate all single fiber connectors and some designed specially for cleaning multi-fiber connector systems including the MTP® brand connectors, standard MPO and MTRJ connectors for both singlemode and multimode connectors.

OPTIPOP R Refillable Cassette Cleaner
  • OPTIPOP R Cassette – Single Slot – Cleans all single fiber (SC, ST, FC, E2000, LC, MU) and female MT connectors
  • OPTIPOP R Cassette – Two Slots – Cleans LC and MU duplex connections
  • OPTIPOP R Cassette – Two Slots – Cleans MTRJ (Male and Female)
  • OPTIPOP R Cassette – MTRJ Male – Cleans male MTRJ with guide pins
  • OPTIPOP R Refill – Refill 6 Pack
NEOCLEAN PZ Refillable Cassette Cleaner
  • NEOCLEAN-PZ Cassette Cleaning Tool – Cleans PRIZM® LightTurn® connectors
  • NEOCLEAN-PZ Refill – NEOCLEAN-PZ refill cartridges (5 pack)
CLETOP Cassette Cleaners & Refills
  • CLETOP Type A Blue Tape – Cleans SC, SC2, ST, FC, DIN, D4, E2000
  • CLETOP Type B Blue Tape – Cleans LC, MU, MT, MPO, MTRJ (Female), BIC
  • CLETOP Type MTRJ White Tape – Cleans MTRJ (Male and Female)
  • CLETOP Type MPO/MTP® White Tape – Cleans MPO/MTP® (Male and Female)
  • CLETOP Refill – Blue Tape Refill 6 pack
  • CLETOP Refill – White Tape Refill 6 pack
CLETOP-S Cassette Cleaners & Refills
  • CLETOP-S Type A Blue Tape – Cleans SC, SC2, ST, FC, DIN, D4, E2000
  • CLETOP-S Type B Blue Tape – Cleans LC, MU, LC, MT, MPO, MTRJ (Female), BIC
  • CLETOP-S Refill – Blue Cartridge Refill 6 pack
  • CLETOP-S Refill – White Cartridge Refill 6 pack

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