Board Level Interconnect

With the ever increasing demand for bandwidth, fiber is moving further and further onto the printed circuit board of high performance computing systems, core routers, and data center servers. US Conec products are present at the front card edge, backplane, and middle of the card. MPO connectors are now commonly connected directly to the front card edge of many servers mating to QSFP or CXP transceivers. For even higher density applications, MPO connectors and other, proprietary MT based connector systems, are being used to aggregate fibers for greater I/O density than ever achieved before. US Conec’s Tx/Rx component technology is present within numerous vendors’ parallel optic transceiver modules, both at the card edge (QSFP and CXP) or embedded on the card (SNAP12, POP4, or other embedded types).


Board Level Interconnect

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