MXC® Brand Connectors

US Conec has developed a versatile, cost effective, next generation connector family optimized for direct interface to equipment densely populated with mid-board mounted, multimode or singlemode optical modules. Supporting a varied selection of link designs, the newly released MXC® connector platform is optimized for expanded beam PRIZM® MT ferrules providing for a more robust and debris insensitive interface compared to existing solutions. The platform is also compatible with traditional physical contact MT ferrules making it ideal for a wide variety of equipment interface applications.

Compared to existing optical connector solutions, the unique plug and receptacle design provides increased density with fewer components, making it cost effective and ideal for new equipment card edge requirements driven by implementation of embedded, mid-board optics modules. PCB space consumption on the inside of the equipment is minimized by combining the traditional adapter and on-card plug into one simple, condensed, single piece housing.

Future variants of the platform support a wide variety of configurations including strain relief at the individual ferrule level or mass strain relief of multiple ferrules within a single cable unit. US Conec’s novel alignment design enables scaling to 8 or more ferrules in a single connector embodiment for front panel bulkhead or blind mating.

US Conec will continue its traditional business model with this new technology in that components will be sold and training will be provided to cable assembly manufacturers worldwide. A formal certification program is in place to ensure quality assemblies.

Samples of the single port version are readily available upon request.

Download the MXC® Connector Brochure

  • Optimized for point to point, equipment card interface applications
  • Debris insensitive resulting in high reliability
  • Supports a wide variety of link designs in both multimode and singlemode
  • High Density:
  • 59% PCB area
  • 40% Faceplate area
  • Reduced complexity plug BOP
  • Fewer components with traditional adapter eliminated
  • One piece receptacle becomes part of the internal Tx/Rx to bulkhead jumper
  • Future offering will include ganged insertion and blind mate variants
  • Optimized for US Conec’s new expanded beam PRIZM® MT ferrule technology

Front panel and backplane multi-fiber point to point links

  • High performance computing
  • Switching/routing fabrics
  • Switch to server interconnects


For design inquiries on the MXC® Brand Connectors, please contact Application Support.


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